Autumn weather can bring days of regular showers to Kerikeri and the Bay of Islands area in general. The cooler nights mean our deciduous trees develop their first tinges of red.  There’s a good reason why everything is green and grows so well here!  So we thought it might be nice to note some of the more shower friendly activities we have in the area for you to enjoy.  It doesn’t all have to be all about boats and beaches!

Kerikeri Art and Craft Trail

For all sorts of reasons, many artists and artisans have chosen to make Kerikeri in the Bay of Islands their home, and the roads surrounding Kerikeri village are scattered with galleries, workshops, and cafes and restaurants exhibiting their fine works. A number of these are only a short stroll from Moon Gate Villa.  With a little planning, you can combine a day’s treck around the art  and craft trail and include a light lunch as well at one of our wineries. Kerikeri Art and Craft Trail.

Maori Culture

The Bay of Islands is one of the original settlements sites of Maori some 1000 years ago, and the Far North still has one of the largest Maori populations in New Zealand –  ideal for discovering this unique culture.  Try a  visit to the Waitangi Treaty Grounds to experience cultural performances first hand, or for something a little more unusual, visit the Kawiti glow worms caves – owned and operated by the Kawiti family who will tell you the historic tales of how the caves were discovered.

Nearby, enjoy the colour of local Kawakawa; maybe sample the $10 lunch specials at the 132+ year old Star Hotel and play a round of pool with the locals.  Heading over to Ngawha, you can spend a day laying back in the hot mineral springs for not much than $5. Not as well-known as Rotorua, but a more genuine and ‘local’ experience.  The hot springs are even better fun on a showery day!

Forest Walks

There are several walking trails that are mostly under mature forest canopy cover.  Some would argue that the famous Puketi forests are at the best in showery weather, and the one hour walk from the historic Kerikeri Basin and Stone Store to Rainbow falls is also mostly under light tree cover – just wear a light jacket and carry a brolly for the exposed parts! (Don’t have an umbrella?  We’ll loan you one!)

Moon Gate Villa

Many of our guests just take the opportunity to take a holiday from their holiday.  A quiet board game, a book, a movie.  Site back and take in the view of our sweeping Moon Gate gardens; watch the water playfully trickle down the Japanese rain chains that surround the house, splashing into the goldfish ponds below.

If you have any questions about timing your trip to the Bay of Islands New Zealand, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and ask!

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