No Sky TV? No Problem!

24 August, 2016
No Sky TV? No Problem!

We are often greeted with huge smiles (the ladies) and barely contained disappointment (the guys) when we tell them: ‘no – we don’t have Sky and Sky Sports channels’ available on our in-room TV service.


A little romance anyone?

Have you spent 2 weeks hibernating and watching the 2016 Olympic Games? Well it seems quite a few of our recent guests were quite over it, and the wives/partners demanded some attention that wasn’t around watching football/hockey/swimming/track and field.

On the other hand, if lying back on your super-king size bed with a box of chocolates, a hot bubble bath running and Audrey Hepburn performing as ‘Holly Golightly’ in the quintessentially romantic ‘Moon River’ is your idea of a relaxing weekend, then maybe it’s not all bad.

And if you can’t find anything that appeals on our in-house movie service, then maybe one of the hundreds of movies or TV shows from Netflix might do the trick.

Or nothing at all 🙂

Hearty Supper

Moon Gate Villa. Not your normal weekend away.

On the weekends, the local markets and Makana Chocolate Cafe are just a short stroll down the road in case you feel like a little exercise.  And we can arrange a private car to deliver you to, or bring you back from one of our fabulous wineries and restaurants for dinner.

Each morning you’ll be treated like royalty at our a la carte breakfast in our sunlit dining room.

No Sky?  No Problem.